What is Matrix Reimprinting?

About Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting was developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson 2006 in order to help clients to deal with disturbing memories or traumas that may be stopping clients from living life to the full. Studies have proven that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a vivid memory and a re-constructed one. It’s possible to rehearse and imagine new ways of feeling and acting and to be released from painful memories or traumas that cause blocks and disruption to daily life. Through Matrix Reimprinting memories can be re-constructed, allowing your brain to automatically respond in a healthier way. The whole time you are in control of what changes you wish to make. The result is that memories become less threatening and safer to return to. This way they are not affecting and influencing your day-to-day behavior in non-constructive ways.

Inner Child Work

Much of what upsets us comes from things that we experience in childhood when we are the most vulnerable, grappling with who we are and how to behave. Much of the Matrix work goes back to childhood events as it is believed that until you clear these blocks in your energy, they continue to hinder you and affect the ways that you behave in daily life. The Matrix Reimprinting technique allows you to interact with yourself in past situations and create new and supportive pictures and ‘memories’ in your field.

It is the negative pictures around past memories that cause you stress and disease in the present. When you change the pictures in the field you experience an unparalleled difference to your health and well-being in the present moment.

What To Expect

The session begins with EFT and threads into Matrix Reimprinting which is an extension of EFT work and was founded by EFT Master, Karl Dawson. who I was fortunate to be taught by. The Matrix work provides a tool for working with past trauma or key moments where a self-limiting belief was formed that may be stopping you from being your better self. You only need to be prepared to engage in tapping or to be the subject being tapped on and to be prepared to visualize and enter into the therapy. It’s a very effective way of transforming and dissolving old blocks and provides a profound form of release that is permanent.