Group Sessions

Your Group sessions will be interactive, engaging, productive and friendly amongst like-minded people with the same ultimate goals as yourself. So you will feel at ease, comfortable and supported.

As you learn EFT which is very easy, you will be using this empowering tool as part of your course work. To get the full benefit to achieve your ultimate goals you would need to set aside 15 minutes per day using EFT. This can be anytime during the day or completed in one session. Should you need a reminder of the tapping sequence there is a tapping clip on the heading section for your convenience.-

We will be using EFT ( Tapping) therapy, along side the weight loss programme topics.

  • Learn EFT techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition advice
  • How to stop Cravings
  • Hints and Tips on Healthy eating
  • Wellbeing, affirmation
  • Importance of moving more
  • How stress effects weight
  • Value of sleep
  • And much more…

The Island Wellbeing Centre

Gurnard Pines, Cockleton Lane, Cowes PO31 8RF

Next 10 weeks course starts 5th February

Free taster session 15th January
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Group Session Prices

10 Week Plan – £100

10 week plan plus, unlimited e-mail access – £140

Upgrade Packages

10 week plan, 2 x 1 to 1 hrs sessions, Unlimited e-mail access – £220

10 week plan, 3 x 1 hrs sessions, Unlimited e-mail access – £255

I love tapping, its like a comfort blanket with you at all times. When I feel stressed or anxious for any reason I can start tapping and it calms me down. I have been attending Dawn’s weekly groups for 10 weeks now and always look forward to going. I have meet some lovely people and find Dawn an inspiration. Dieting is not a quick fix and I feel that this technique has helped me understand my food addictions better and given me a tool to help me with my weight loss journey. Thanks Dawn