About Dawn

Hello and welcome I am Dawn Graham. Why Weight Therapy. An experienced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

My motto is; Learn a tool for life

I came across this amazing EFT and Matrix reimprinting therapy on my own personal journey. I was so blown away by how effective and easy it is to use. This therapy had such a profound impact in my personal Health and Wellbeing, that I had to find out more! I have always been the kind of person who likes to make a difference and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting showed me through my training that these powerful techniques have life changing results for many issues..

Once qualified as a Practitioner, I was then asking myself where do I go from here? it did not take long for me to come to my decision to combine my 27 years experience in the catering industry, about which I am extremely passionate, with my EFT & Matrix Reimprinting therapy to develop a weight loss program.

If your relationship with food is overwhelming, out of control, affecting your health and wellbeing either emotionally or physically, then I can help you on your journey to change your relationship with food, body confidence and regain self worth.

During your sessions either 1 to 1 or in a group environment you will learn about health, nutrition, how to enjoy food, achieve goals, affirmations and gain confidence. With the main focus on using EFT techniques to address and release the negative emotions, limited beliefs and get to the root of the issues that drives you to repeat the same patterns again and again. Once realised this will change your thought patterns and leave you with a feeling of relief, therefore being in a better space to allow you to make the right choices naturally. Imagine how good that will feel…

We all need support in our journey through life, you are not on your own!!

I trained with EFT Master, Karl Dawson through The EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Academy. Karl Dawson is one of only 28 founding EFT Masters worldwide and creator of Matrix Reimprinting Therapy. 

I look forward to being part of your success

With warmth and compassion