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Losing weight isn’t just about changing your diet, it’s about changing the way you *think* about food. If you’ve tried Slimming World, Weight Watchers and many other dieting plans without success, you’re not alone.

And you *shouldn’t* feel embarrassed.

Did you know?

Over 65% of dieters return to their diet plan within 3 years at the same weight or more? And those on shake diets fair even worse, with only 5% succeeding – prompting you to ask: 


The answer is simple. The emotional attachment to food isn’t being addressed, driving people to repeat the same unhealthy eating patterns.

I can change your relationship with food forever.

Why Weight Therapy is the answer you’ve been looking for. Not only will we help you:

Lose Weight

Making you:

Gain body confidence

Regain self-love, and

Sustain your weight-loss 

And you’ll succeed where you’ve failed in the past because I’ll help you get to the root of your weight issues.

All you need to do is say ‘Yes’ to a life-changing plan that works.  

Get to the real issues

Weight issues lead to anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and energy and more.

It can overwhelm you, knock your confidence and leave you frustrated. 

It can also lead to long-term physical health problems.

Bad eating habits become ingrained and can feel impossible to change. 

But change is possible

Get ready to change

Change is difficult, but taking control will empower you.

My sessions are non-judgmental, fun, interactive and life-changing.

And I won’t ask you to get on scales, something many find terrifying.

So, how do you lose the stress, have fun and achieve your weight goals?

By using EFT Therapy

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping, is a proven holistic healing technique that releases negative energy, blockages and limited believes that stop you from accomplishing your goals.

EFT will help you take back control of:

Weight issues 

Physical Pain, and

Emotional Problems

Tapping is like acupuncture but without the needles. It works by gently tapping the ends of our fingertips on specific meridian points around your face and hands. 

Soon, you’ll find yourself focusing on the negative aspects that cause you to over-eat. You’ll release negative emotions and free your mind to make the right choices for your own health and well-being.

Take control of your compulsions. Ease the stress that comes with them and improve your emotional and physical happiness.

The power is in your hands.

Getting help, your way

Whether you love the camaraderie of weekly group meetings or prefer a more personal one-to-one session, I offer something for everyone.

Group Sessions

Weekly sessions take place in a laid-back, soothing atmosphere where you’ll meet new, life-long friends.

12-week weight loss programs available in Ryde and Newport.

You’ll feel the benefits of EFT within weeks, and on-going treatment gives you the power to cope with the anxieties that trigger your bad eating habits.


I understand people are conscious about their weight and, for some, talking about it to a crowd is a no-no. 

That’s why I offer personalised service in a relax, calming atomsphere of my practice based in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

These are available in person or on Skype, with a mobile service available by arrangement. ( Isle of wight only)

You’ll feel at ease in your one-to-one, which not only has the same effect as group sessions, but they’re also proven to work faster.

Group sessions last up to two hours per week and, as mentioned, I won’t ask you to get on any scales.

All you need is determination to:


what you’ve learned from past weight loss experiences, then open your mind to a new challenge.


yourself to succeed with a proven technique that will change how you think about dieting. 


your world and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, knowing you’ve reached your goal. 

You only fail by not acting. EFT is a fast, effective non-evasive technique for weight loss with proven results. It’s time to:

Take a chance. Take back control. Then take on the world.


Or speak to Dawn on – 07435564542
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A happier you is easier than you think.

"Well today is a special day, after spending years in size 20 to 22 trousers, I have finally made into a pair of size 18 chinos (which I brought about 4 years ago and never fitted into) Today I took off the labels and with a big smile on my face have gone off to work! Thank you Dawn for your amazing weight busting EFT / Matrix! You are amazing, thank you."